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Perfect Marine Grade WiFi
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Long Range Marine and RV WiFi Systems

• Easiest long range Marine WiFi systems to install and use.
• Top performance, without the complications of similar systems.
• Designed and engineered for marine and RV use.
• Affordable system for boats and RVs to get online.
• True Marine Grade Solution.
• 100% Wireless (WirieAP) or USB (Wirie) options to choose from.
• The WirieAP includes built in local access point.

Are you looking for a WiFi (wireless internet) solution for your boat or RV? Are you unhappy with your current wireless booster? Are you a boater who wants to check the weather before heading out for a sail? Are you a cruiser or RVer who wants to stay in touch with friends and family while roaming the world?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Wirie or The WirieAP is what you need!

The Wirie and The WirieAP are wireless (WiFi) systems designed for the marine and RV environments. They are waterproof, easy to install and use, and give you the greatest chance to get on the internet from the comfort of your own boat or RV. The wireless adapter we use inside The Wirie and The WirieAP is the best 1000mW external WiFi adapter on the market today; if there was something better, we would be using it! The 8dBi omni-directional marine WiFi antenna assures the longest range and the best coverage for your boat or RV.

We have two products available to choose from. The Wirie is a USB based system, extremely simple to install and use. The WirieAP uses the same great components as The Wirie, but includes a local access point ("hotspot") built in to allow multiple devices quick and easy access to the internet simultaneously, and wirelessly.

The Wirie and The WirieAP come in three flashy colors (blue, yellow and red) so you can match it with your boat or RV's trim. The Wiries start at the affordable cruiser’s price of $250, and include everything you need to get online!

"The Wirie is a simple and practical solution to getting better Wi-Fi reception on board—just what you’d expect from cruising sailors." - Practical Sailor Magazine ( More "In the Press"...)

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