FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here you will find answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  A lot of information about The Wiriepro and The WirieAP+ is included below.  There are specific groups of questions to provide answers about WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE long range internet connections.

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General Questions

Which Wirie system would be best for me?

If you only want connections to WiFi networks, or you think this is enough for now (upgradable in the future), buy The WirieAP+. If you want the complete package with most flexibility, being able to use WiFi and xG, go for The Wiriepro. For the fastest xG speeds, you an add LTE support to your Wiriepro purchase. And, if you want to take it even further, with increased 2G/3G/4G/LTE range, you can opt to buy a stronger 6dBi antenna to go with The Wiriepro!

How high do The Wirie systems need to be mounted?

The WirieAP+/pro should be mounted with the antennas in a vertical orientation approximately 4 - 8 feet (1.2 to 2.4 meter) above the deck of the boat or clear of the roof of the RV. Keep in mind that you will need access to the waterproof enclosure to change the SIM card when using The Wiriepro.More info...

How easy are The Wirie systems to use?

Easy! We know you're not a network engineer, so we have designed our systems to be as easy as possible. Custom user interfaces on our products streamline accessing WiFi or 2G/3G/4G/LTE internet connections.More info...

Is The WirieAP+/pro secure to use since I will have a network onboard?

The WirieAP+/pro comes set-up with the highest level of WiFi security enabled (WPA2-AES) to make sure your onboard network is safe.More info...

Can The Wirie systems be used on a Recreational Vehicle (RV)?

Yes. The Wirie systems can certainly be used by RVs as well. Although The Wirie was originally designed for the marine environment, The WirieAP+/pro can just as easily be used on an RV to allow greater WiFi and 2G/3G/4G/LTE range and signal strength from the comfort of your RV.

Can The Wirie products be used with more than one computer?

Yes. With their built-in local access point, The WirieAP+/pro provides access for any WiFi enabled device. It allows all devices to share a single internet connection (paid or free, 2G/3G/4G/LTE or WiFi), and also allows the devices to communicate to one another over the local network.More info...

Are The WirieAP+/pro systems built to be permanently installed outside?

Yes. The units are completely sealed and waterproof (IP67/NEMA6).More info...

How difficult are The WirieAP+/pro systems to physically install?

Not difficult at all. The brackets are designed to fit around any tubing between 1" and 2", and all marine grade hardware and cabling is included.More info...

Do The Wirie systems work worldwide?

Yes. The Wirie products are being used successfully in all parts of the world at this moment (See our Testimonials and Map). The WirieAP+/pro systems allow you to utilize all worldwide 802.11b/g/n frequencies (Ch 1-14) in the 2.4GHz spectrum and The Wiriepro systems support all five 3/4G worldwide frequencies (850 (B5), 900 (B8), AWS (B4), 1900 (B2), 2100 (B1)) as well as LTE frequencies in the Americas and Europe (B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B13/B17/B20).

Do The Wirie systems use a directional or omni-directional antenna?

The Wirie products use omni-directional antennas. For the marine environment, we strongly feel that an omni-directional antenna is the only choice.More info...

Do I need a computer, or can I just use a tablet like an iPad?

No, you do not need a computer for normal operation. The Wirie products use a web-based user interface and can be easily operated from any device, including tablets and smartphones, using their web browser.

Can I connect Ethernet devices to The Wirie local WiFi network?

Yes. Using The WirieEx you can connect Ethernet-based devices to The WirieAP+/pro local WiFi network.More info...

If I own The Wirie or The WirieAP (products purchased before October 2014), can I upgrade it to The WirieAP+/pro products?

No. Our new product line is based on an entire new set of technology and these products are not compatible with our older products. The Wirie and The WirieAP will continue to be great solutions to get online using WiFi and we will certainly continue to support those products.

Do you sell The Wirie systems in any other colors?

No. However, you may paint the boxes any color you would like. We recommend Krylon: Fusion for Plastic ® paint if you choose to paint your Wirie.

WiFi Specific Questions

What is the WiFi range of The WirieAP+ and The Wiriepro?

The Wirie Marine WiFi systems have achieved connections of over 7.5 nautical miles to onshore WiFi access points. There are many variables that determine and influence the range of any WiFi signal. Though the quality of equipment being used on shore is undetermined when cruising, The Wirie products, in conjunction with quality equipment on shore, has been able to connect from great distances, as long as there is line of sight with the access point.More info...

I have heard about a WiFi protocol called "n". Does your product support this?

Yes. Both the WiFi connection to the remote network as well as the local onboard network support b/g/n protocols, with speeds up to 150Mbps. This allows the greatest speed and flexibility in connecting to remote WiFi networks.More info...

Do the Wirie products support 5.8Ghz networks?

No. 5.8Ghz networks are normally used for private, internal networks. You will rarely, if ever, encounter a network that can be used for internet access using 5.8Ghz.More info...

I have heard about a WiFi protocol called "ac". Does your product support this?

No. 802.11ac networks work on the 5.8Ghz frequency and our products do not currently support this.

Why do I see claims of 10, 15, even 30 miles about competitors' WiFi systems?

One word: marketing. No company can claim or guarantee any results with a WiFi product unless they own and control both sides of the communication link (the remote access point and the equipment on your boat or RV).More info...

If I own The WirieAP+, can I upgrade it to The Wiriepro?

Yes. We offer a full upgrade kit to convert any existing WirieAP+ into The Wiriepro. The kit comes with all hardware, and the installation instructions are available on our user manual page and will be sent to you upon purchase.More info...

What is The Wiriepro Guest WiFi network?

The Wiriepro can broadcast a separate Guest WiFi network. This network can be used by guests (or anyone) to access the internet, but keeps them securely separated from devices on your Local WiFi network. The Guest WiFi network can also be used as a portal.More info...

2G/3G/4G/LTE Specific Questions

What is the 2G/3G/4G/LTE range of The Wiriepro?

Our products have connected to data services from over 20 miles offshore (and we are still testing). Using our high-gain antennas, combined with our commercial grade 2G/3G/4G/LTE router, we can offer both longer range connections, and faster connections, than with standard devices.More info...

What is a SIM card and what is it used for?

A SIM is a small card inserted to any device (phone, tablet, The Wiriepro) that identifies your device to the provider's network. A SIM card is required to use 2G/3G/4G/LTE networks with The Wiriepro.More info...

Where do I get a SIM card?

SIM cards are made available (typically for free, or for a very small charge) by the service provider of the 2G/3G/4G/LTE data network.More info...

How do I use a SIM card with The Wiriepro?

The SIM card is inserted into The Wiriepro by opening the waterproof enclosure. Please see the user manuals for full details. Our products support a single SIM card.

What size SIM do I need?

The Wiriepro requires a "Standard" size SIM. An adapter may be used to convert a Nano or Micro SIM to Standard SIM size.

What frequencies are supported?

The Wiriepro supports all worldwide 2G/3G/4G GSM frequencies. Specifically: 850/900/1800/1900 (2G) and 850(B5)/900(B8)/AWS(B4)/1900(B2)/2100(B1) (3/4G). The Wiriepro also supports LTE (optional) frequencies in the Americas and Europe: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B13/B17/B20.

Do you support LTE?

Yes. The Wiriepro optionally supports LTE in the Americas and Europe with speeds up to 100Mbps. If LTE is not available, The Wiriepro will connect at 2G/3G/4G (DC-HSPA+/42Mbps) speeds automatically.More info...

Do I need LTE?

The Wiriepro will work with all worldwide GSM carriers using 3G/4G data networks with speeds up to 21Mbps. With the optional LTE support, in the Americas and Europe, speeds of up to 100Mbps are supported. With the standard Wiriepro, you will easily be able to perform all normal internet tasks such as email, web browsing, and streaming video. With LTE support, multiple devices can stream simultaneously, with bandwidth left over for other uses. If you expect to have many people using the connection, LTE support can also provide a big boost. For one or two people, with normal internet requirements, the standard Wiriepro should meet your needs.

Is The Wiriepro a cell phone booster?

Not exactly. The Wirie products do not directly boost the service of a cell phone. Our products are independent devices that will connect to an xG data network to provide improved internet service. Your voice reception/service will not be affected by The Wirie products.More info...

What carriers in the United States can I use?

The two biggest GSM providers are AT&T and T-Mobile. There are many regional GSM-based providers in various parts of the U.S. as well, and those will also work with The Wiriepro.More info...

If I use Verizon or Sprint for my cell phone, can I use The Wiriepro?

Yes. Our products are independent devices that connect to cell provider networks and do not rely on your existing (or future) phone service/provider at all.More info...

Why are there two xG antennas (2dBi and 6dBi) discussed?

The Wiriepro comes standard with a 2dBi wideband antenna, and the 6dBi wideband antenna may be purchased separately.More info...

How close can the optional 6dBi xG antenna be mounted to The Wiriepro?

We recommend installing the 6dBi xG antenna at least 12" (30cm) from The Wiriepro WiFi antenna. A 4' (1.25m) cable is provided to connect the 6dBi xG antenna to The Wiriepro.

Don't see what you are looking for?  Please feel free to contact us for any other questions you have about The WirieAP+ or The Wiriepro.