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The WirieAP:
Long Distance WiFi and Access Point

The WirieAP and Upgrade Kits are now available!

The WirieAP is a complete long range wireless solution for the boat and RV that also provides a local on-board access point to allow any WiFi enabled device to connect to the internet at the same time!

No Coax Cable, No Ethernet Cable, No USB Cable, No Software! Just a single power cable is all that's needed. This is 100% Wireless WiFi!

• Simply mount The WirieAP and run the power cable (included) to a 12V power source.

• Easiest installation on the market for a long-range WiFi system that includes an on-board WiFi network.

• Provides a local wireless network that can be used to connect all your on-board WiFi devices together and share information among them. Can be used with new multifunction displays that support WiFi, transmit NMEA data to any WiFi enabled device, share music libraries, etc. (Internet connection not required)

• Completely waterproof enclosure (IP67) and antenna allow for permanent installation outside.

• The WirieAP draws on average only 350mA at 12V. Easily leave it on to allow your networked devices to share information over your local network.

• Marine grade mounting system:

- Pole Mount bracket allows for mounting on 1" to 2" tubing.
--> Click here for more details about the mounting system.

• All mounting hardware is stainless steel and aluminum to provide a long, rust-free life, especially important in the marine environment.

Waterproof enclosure keeps all wire connections, WiFi adapter, and Access Point protected from the elements. The Wirie is rated at IP67 and NEMA6 (this means you can submerge The Wirie for 30 minutes in 1 meter of water with no water ingress).

• Exclusive, true marine grade, 8dBi Antenna (click for more information) is attached to enclosure with no coax cable to the WiFi adapter. (Coax cable introduces signal loss, and in turn, poorer performance.)

• 40’ (12 meters) of marine DC electrical cable is included for flexible mounting options. The cable can be extended as necessary. A 2 amp fuse/breaker is required for installation (not included).

• There is no software to install. A 100% web-based User Interface gives you access to all functionality of The WirieAP from any WiFi enabled device, including your iPad or iPhone

• Includes a local access point to allow multiple computers/devices to get online at the same time and also allows all your WiFi devices to be networked so they can easily share information.

• The WirieAP will allow you to share/repeat an internet connection in a land based installation. Share your single home internet connection out into your property, or to another property nearby. (Also runs on 110/220 electricity). Contact us for information.

• The WirieAP WiFi adapter is compatible with all 802.11g and 802.11b networks. (Ask why 11b is often better in the marine environment.)

• The WirieAP Access Point supplies an 802.11b/g/n for your local, on-board network.

• The WirieAP works with all current security protocols.

• The WirieAP is compatible with any WiFi enabled device (Computers, iPads, Skype Phones, etc). A Web browser is required to administer the WirieAP.

• The WirieAP utilizes the best 1000mW WiFi adapter on the market. The average laptop internal WiFi card transmits at only 50mW.

• The WirieAP creates a local access point to share the internet connection with up to 500mW of power (adjustable). This will easily provide adequate coverage for your boat or RV, and you can even share with your neighbors if you like!

• The WirieAP utilizes a marine grade 8dBi omnidirectional antenna in order to provide the longest range possible for the marine environment while maintaining stable connections as the boat swings or rolls.

• The WirieAP is upgradeable via firmware updates. These are provided free of charge and are available for download in our Support section.

• Available Colors: Pacific Blue, Burgundy Red, SOLAS Yellow (reflectors not included)

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