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Riding the Wireless Technology Wave

Practical Sailor 2017 Editor’s Choice Award

"The Wirie Pro allows users to connect to the internet using either a shore-based Wi-Fi network or cellular service (2G/3G/4G/LTE). For its WiFi link," 

Practical Sailor Magazine - September 2017

Getting Connected

"Whether you need reliable Internet access aboard for work or you just like the convenience of..."

"With the integrated ability to load a SIM card for long-range 2G/3G/4G data reception for when Wi-Fi isn’t available, I feel that this [The Wiriepro] product is a very good buy for Internet-dependent users."
Cruising World Magazine - May 2015; Page 54

Wirie pro Combines WiFi and Cellular

"Wirie’s latest offering simplifies connecting with preferred data sources."

"As high-speed, broadband cellular coverage extends throughout the coastal U.S. and abroad, the need for a Wi-Fi connection... "
Practical Sailor Magazine - Oct 2016

Tested: The Wiriepro

"As the need for constant communications has spread to cruising yachts, better ways of keeping in touch are rapidly being developed.  The Wirie series of boosted antennae and..."
Sailing Today Magazine - May 2016; Page 69

Product Spotlight - The Wiriepro

"Island Consulting manufactures and sells Wi-Fi and 3/4G data equipment for the marine..."
Marina Life Magazine - Fall 2015; Page 40

New Gear - Ways to get online

"Another economical solution for setting up a hotspot aboard, The Wiriepro looks [like] a promising solution that combines..."
Yachting World Magazine - May 2015; Page 80

The Wiriepro Marine Grade Internet System

"Island Consulting, Inc. has introduced an affordable "all-in-one" internet product..."
Caribbean Compass - February 2015; Page 8

Marine WiFi Perfected with The WirieAP

"As a result of months of research, testing and development, Island Consulting brings you a new product..."
Caribbean Compass - July 2011; Page 7

Better WiFi for Boats

"The Wirie was invented in the Caribbean in April 2009 to provide a cost-effective, user-friendly, long range WiFi solution for boats..."
Caribbean Compass - October 2010; Page 8

Alameda Family Cruising In The Balearics

"They’ve [SV Irie] been in the Caribbean for the last several years, during which time they came up with a product called the Wirie, which is used to pick up wifi signals while at anchor. It’s sold very well, and has worked great for us in Europe." (online only) - August 2010

Connected While Cruising

"Want internet access on the boat? There's probably an option that will fit your preferred cruising and price range. These days, if you’re not hooked into the ‘net you’re not on planet Earth. We’re wired in our homes, our offices, our cars, and even our coffee shops, so why not on our boats..." (online only) - July 2010

Letter to the Editor

"Thank you for your item on The Wirie (WiFi device) in the Business Briefs section of your April 2010 issue. The Wirie has been our best boating purchase this season."
Caribbean Compass - June 2010; Page 39

Which Wi-Fi Antenna is Best?

"The Wirie is a simple and practical solution to getting better Wi-Fi reception on board—just what you’d expect from cruising sailors."

"...For the outdoor enthusiast with boats and RVs who wants a rugged, portable antenna, The Wirie works great. As a bonus, the unit can be affordably upgraded or replaced as technology progresses. And it will ... quickly."
Practical Sailor Magazine - April 2010; Pages 28-31

Long Range WiFi Solution for Boats

"The Wirie, a long-range wireless internet system invented and developed by cruisers for cruisers, is a complete WiFi system that provides much longer range and more stable connections..."
Caribbean Compass - April 2010; Page 9

By Cruisers for Cruisers

"Frustrated with trying to get a decent WiFi connection on your boat? Most cruisers are..."
Latitudes and Attitudes Magazine - December 2009; Page 33

WiFi Advances for Your Boat

"Have you ever decided where to anchor based on internet access instead of holding, fetch, and swell? You're not alone. Internet connectivity has become a tool people around the world..."
All At Sea Magazine - November 2009; Pages 22-23

What is The Wirie?

"As cruisers travelling by boat throughout the Caribbean, we discovered the need for a WiFi device that is simple to install and use, affordable, and powerful. Everyone we meet..."
Caribbean Compass - October 2009; Pages 6-7

Press Releases

Long Range Internet Access Revolutionized with The Wiriepro: Island Consulting, Inc. Launches The Wiriepro, a Marine Grade Internet System for Boats and RVs, Supporting Both WiFi and 3G/4G.

"Island Consulting, Inc. has introduced an affordable “all-in-one” internet product with The Wiriepro..."- Press Release - January 2015

Marine WiFi Perfected with The WirieAP: Island Consulting, Inc. launches The WirieAP, a Long Distance Marine Grade WiFi Solution for Boats and RVs with Built in Access Point

"Modern technology evolves and improves constantly, and Island Consulting, Inc., the company behind the long range marine WiFi system The Wirie, is not staying behind..."
Press Release - June 2011

Marine WiFi Unleashed: Island Consulting and L-com Team up to make The Wirie an Affordable, Truly Marine Grade WiFi Solutions for Boats and RVs

"Technology changes rapidly and as a company building WiFi equipment, Island Consulting strives to offer the best. Since the beginning, Island Consulting has continuously made improvements..."
Press Release - April 2010

 The Wirie: Long Range WiFi Solution for Boats and RVs Made Easy

"Get yourself connected! The Wirie, a thoroughly researched and thought out long range wireless internet system invented and developed by cruisers for cruisers, is ready to conquer the boating and RV world..."
Press Release - Februrary 2010

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