The Wiriepro SpotWalla GPS Integration

The Wiriepro now offers built-in GPS functionality. This GPS can be used to send automatic position reports to SpotWalla which lets you share your position and tracks online. SpotWalla allows you to embed a map with your location and tracks onto your own website to share with your friends and family.  The SpotWalla tracking service is free.  There are no ongoing fees to utilize automated tracking with The Wiriepro.

Setting up the integration with SpotWalla requires 2 steps. First you need to create an account and a device on SpotWalla's website, then you must configure The Wiriepro to enable GPS tracking with SpotWalla. Please follow the steps below:

1) On SpotWalla, create a new account (or use an existing one) and create a new device for The Wiriepro.

Click here to get started.

2) Configure The Wiriepro integration with SpotWalla.

  1. Access The Wiriepro administration pages using "".
  2. Access the GPS Configuration via "Configuration->Administration" on the menu, then click on the “GPS” tab.
  3. In the GPS Tracking Service, select “SpotWalla”. Some additional fields will appear.
  4. Enter Your Username and Password for your SpotWalla account. These are secured on your Wiriepro and are only transmitted using secure methods (SSL). They are not sent or shared with the folks at The Wirie, they are used only to send position updates to SpotWalla.  The Username is the email address you use to login to the Spotwalla website.
  5. Enter your Device's Web API Key for The Wiriepro from SpotWalla. This can be found by logging into SpotWalla and accessing your devices (click on your login name in the upper right and select Devices). On the description for your Wiriepro, select the “Web API” menu item. Copy the Device’s API Key into the Device ID field in The Wiriepro.
  6. Enter an Update Interval for the updates you want to send to SpotWalla. Minimum interval is 5 minutes.
  7. Click on “Save”.


Whenever the GPS is “Enabled” on your Wiriepro, positions will be sent to SpotWalla. If you do not have an active internet connection, the positions will be stored and sent to SpotWalla the next time you get online.


The current tracking status is displayed on the Network Information page. If the cloud logo is green, all your positions have been uploaded to SpotWalla. If the cloud logo is yellow, you have pending positions that will be uploaded the next time The Wiriepro connects to the internet.

GPS Tracking Status Screen

To learn about embedding a position map into your website (like the SpotWalla map above), please see the support section at SpotWalla.