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We took The Wirie [AP+] to La Paz, Mexico, and it is working really well.  We have WiFi throughout the boat and it was so easy to set up.  Thanks for your help and support.  We are very happy.

SV LizardThe WirieAP+

I did a vast amount of research on what to get to run my business on the road and your product was by far and away the best thing out there. And the fact that it works exactly as hoped and advertised is outstanding! I’ll be ordering a Wirie for my boat too within the next year.

Thank you again for your wonderful service and a truly great product. I have used it every day for the last 3 months as I traveled back and forth across the US. So easy to use and works flawlessly.

Karen (RV)The Wiriepro

Wanted to pass on some feed back. We have used the device now for a couple of months. We had a few issues but your customer service helped to solve those pretty quickly. We are experiencing 15 to 20 miles of service in the Bahamas. Thanks for the support in the issues we had. Very satisfied.

SV On the BrinkThe Wiriepro

I love your product, and your support.  We’ve recommended it several times to other cruisers.  This is our third year with the Wirie [pro].

SV AnonymousThe Wiriepro

Love this product!  If you ever need anyone to do a testament, I would heartily endorse the Wirie AP+. It doesn’t get any better than this, and the support provided is amazing in this day and age.

SV MoorahmeThe WirieAP+

Thank you for your prompt reply to my letter, after I purchased the Wirie AP+.   When I got the antenna system, it set up quick, and immediately increased my strength.  Thank you, it works terrifically.

SV FreebirdThe WirieAP+

I installed my Wirie [AP+] and love it.   I’m writing on it now [and] leaving Texas next month to start cruising.  I’ve gone here at my local marina from not able to reach the wireless, to locked on and quick emails.  (from seeing one wifi [network] to seeing 24 [networks]).  Thanks again for your product.

SV ProdigalThe WirieAP+

I am using the Wirie pro on my boat down here in the Sea of Cortez, Baja California Sur, Mexico. It’s working great. It’s very easy to use and understand. When I came down to Loreto, I walked into a Telcel store (the Mexican phone company), bought a sim card and signed up for their 3 gigabyte, 1 month plan, came back to the boat, put the sim card in, and bingo, The Wirie pro fired up with no problem or configuration issues, and I have been enjoying 3G service ever since.

S/V PacificThe Wiriepro

I just got a Wirie [AP+] from you last week.  I’m really happy with it,  especially with how easy it was to set up.   Thanks for putting such a great product on the market.

Patricia (RV)The WirieAP+

I wired it up this winter but just got to a remote marina yesterday where I could try it out. I didn’t want it to be permanently mounted so I used a cigarette-lighter fitting which preserves polarity and mount it with Velcro when wanted. This seems to work very well. I keep it below otherwise out of the way and safe. It is working just fine now and am using it to make this email.

AnonymousThe WirieAP+

We are already enjoying this access! The Wirie [pro] is a superior invention.

By the way, I was so upset with my XXXXXX WiFi that I threw it in a dumpster. Why? It did not work well and their tech support was nonexistent (at least for me).  You, on the other hand, got right back to me. You did not abandon me even though I was a bit obtuse about the new technology.  Thank you.

S/V PyxisThe Wiriepro

I’ve had the Wirie AP+ on my RV for a couple of months and love it.   We have used a month-to-month MiFi device in the past to occasionally supplement weak campground WiFi, but have avoided the need for this the past couple of months due to our now stronger signal link, saving about 20% of the cost of the Wirie AP+ already.  Call us a happy camper.

RVer MikeThe WirieAP+

I recently inherited The Wiriepro (which was incredibly simple to set up, thank you!)

S/V GadaboutThe Wiriepro

Just a quick email to let you know that the Wiriepro is performing marvelously. I have had no issues. Nice job on the web interface and documentation.

The new high gain xG antenna is working great!  I am able to connect to my employers VPN and work from the boat even though we are in the Ten Thousand Islands area south of Marco Island.

S/V DelilahThe Wiriepro

Wow, a product that does exactly what it says it can do. We got our [Wirie] AP+ installed last Friday. We no longer have difficulty keeping our connection up at the marina.

S/V DelightThe WirieAP+

I purchased The Wirie pro a few months ago. I lent it to a camp for the summer. It pulled in xG signals and gave them great internet access; previously they had to go to a coffee shop in town for internet. It was a life saver!

Land-based installationThe Wiriepro

Got to France and am now using the Wirie to connect to WiFi from our canal boat. It is working great! We regularly connect to various WiFi connections that don’t even show up on our iPhone as available networks. It has really given us significantly more ability to keep in touch with family back home in the U.S. Don’t know what we would do without it!

M/V WandererThe WirieAP+

I recently purchased the Wirie pro and got it installed and up and running following your instructions. Things work great!! Excellent product and instructions.

S/V KailaniThe Wiriepro

We received our Wirie AP+ a couple of weeks ago & finally installed it yesterday. Wow! How easy was that! And it worked straightaway as well. We really are looking forward to getting way better internet access – as you already know, it can be such a pain for cruisers.

S/V PR2The WirieAP+

By the way, my Wirie pro is better than I expected. It provides me with superb connectivity. It has changed the quality of our “Internet life” on board our boat.

S/V Shore HouseThe Wiriepro

The Wirie works extremely well – The Wirie took the xG signal 12 miles from the coast. You definitely have a happy customer here.

S/V KingushuThe Wiriepro

Incidentally, I’m very happy with my Wirie AP+. The WiFi signal in a number of marinas has gone from spotty to excellent. I’ve also been able to connect to a marina hotspot while anchored 1/4 mile or further away.

S/V FreedomThe WirieAP+

The Wirie works great. Really appreciate your help and excellent response time!

S/V Virgina DareThe Wiriepro

Have recently installed the Wirie AP+ on my boat and it is working brilliantly !!

S/V JemmaThe WirieAP+

We are in the Bahamas where I have bought a SIM card and I appreciate how it’s easy to switch from Wifi to 3G. Your system is very good.

S/V UnityThe Wiriepro

With The Wirie pro, using WiFi I was getting 25Mbps download and 8.7Mbps upload. With T-Mobile and the 2dBi antenna, I had a weak 3G signal with 1.5Mbps download. I then, following through on the signal strength issue, put on the big (7dBi) antenna, which got me to three bars and a download speed of 7.5Mbps. Your support has been exemplary!

SteveThe Wiriepro

Just received my unit yesterday and have already fallen in love with it! I could seldom get emails at my boat slip previously, but I was streaming a Netflix movie flawlessly once set up with The WirieAP.

SV Endless SummerThe WirieAP

I bought one of the first Wiries from you, the one that you took off Irie because I wanted a blue one. Still works perfectly!

Note: Purchased 2009

SV Salty ShoresThe Wirie

We love the WirieAP; we have been able to access internet even as we’ve sailed along remote coasts from Mexico to Central America, allowing us to let family and friends know that all is well, as well as communicate with distant marinas or services in advance of arrivals. It makes anchoring out an option way more often. I’m about to return to Los Angeles to produce a first year drama series for CBS and I was able to staff my dept. and communicate with the studio and network while sailing in Panama! I certainly didn’t think that was going to work very well at all, without being tied to a dock, but thanks to the WirieAP we rarely had to think about it, and were able to just keep moving.

S/V Un MundoThe WirieAP

Just wanted to let you know we are in the Bahamas and the WirieAP is working GREAT!!! Thank you so much for all of your help and support! You’ve been awesome. Truth is, our WiFi connection has never been better and I would recommend the WirieAP to anyone.

S/V Gypsy WindThe WirieAP

Internet is not so great here. My WirieAP is the only device that seems to pick up the signal of a nearby B&B good enough, so half the boats in the bay are connected to my private network. The WirieAP rocks!

Note: Reported from French Polynesia

S/V GudrunThe WirieAP

Just wanted to let you know that The WirieAP is working beautifully and to thank you for all your patience with us getting it set up.

S/V Rita TThe WirieAP

I have the unit installed and working wonderfully and have to say that it is one of the best bits of kit we have come across and [that] will feature on our top ten things you need when undertaking our sort of travelling. Great product, and you need to know that your product support [also] rates with us as outstanding.

S/V SerafinaThe WirieAP

We installed The WirieAP at the beginning of our cruise this fall. We also have a Follow-Me-TV system on our boat but didn’t have time to put the DirecTV antenna on the mast before we left. And it still isn’t on the mast because we have had such good luck getting streaming Netflix via our WirieAP we’ve had no desire for the DirecTV and have suspended our account until we return home in the spring. We can’t always get a good connection but we can frequently enough to be very happy with the system.

M/V PelicanThe WirieAP

Bought a Wirie 1 year+ ago for use on a boat in the BVI and had good success. Took it back to the U.S. and upgraded to The [Wirie]AP unit. Used it on a six week 9,000 mile RV trip and LOVED IT!

RV and S/V UnknownThe WirieAP

We are very happy with the new Wirie [The WirieAP] and we don’t count anymore the number of times where we had internet, and boaters around us weren’t catching any signal! Thanks again for your great products.

S/V ToutazimutThe WirieAP

We just returned from a trip to the Abacos. We found our connections to be dramatically better than using the computer alone. Solid and robust connections. We visited 10-12 different cays over a period of a month and always found a connection at each stop. Congrats on a great product. I’ve now upgraded to The [Wirie]AP.

M/V SeadeeThe Wirie

This season in the Caribbean, my Wirie outperformed my fellow cruisers’ antennas. Many places I was able to get a good internet connection when they could not.

S/V FarhavenThe Wirie

LOVE it – it has changed our life….now we fight over being on the internet all day….hehehe, but we will solve that one soon with your new product [The WirieAP]!!

S/V AlianaThe Wirie

Great job on designing a simple and innovative new product for the WIFI market. It’s not every day that someone puts together a good product at a good price!

S/V UnknownThe Wirie

You have been so helpful through this whole process and I would buy this product again just for the customer service alone.

S/V UnknownThe Wirie

I’m up in Nova Scotia now, anchored in a remote harbour by a community of 25 – 30 houses and not even a store – and I can still pick up a good Internet connection with the Wirie! I’m very pleased with its reception.

S/V Easy Does ItThe Wirie

Just writing to tell you that we are soooooo happy that we purchased The Wirie from you!!! The signal is so much stronger than our old antenna and it is again a pleasure to hook up to WiFi in so many harbours. It has worked incredibly well in Falmouth, Iles Des Saintes, Bequia and Prickly Bay, Grenada, even when we are far away from the shore. We’ll let everyone know how great it is!!!

S/V ChangesThe Wirie

Thanks to The Wirie I am surfing the net while sailing 3 miles offshore [from] Dominica. Unbelievable!!!

S/V KibeThe Wirie

Thank you for the WiFi antenna [The Wirie]. It is excellent. We have had good reception ever since we fitted it.

S/V Dream or TwoThe Wirie

I just want to tell you that the antenna [The Wirie] is excellent. We are in Virgin Gorda and we can choose among a lot of free networks and it stays on and is very stable. We listen to Danish radio all day in our anchorage. Thank you for your service, we really appreciate it.

S/V PintonThe Wirie

The Wirie is brilliant; we were online in Majors Bay, St. Kitts picking up a network from Nevis at least 2.5 miles away!

S/V IronyThe Wirie

Putting the Wirie up and down is a snap and, best of all, the Wirie delivers outstanding performance. Many RV parks and campgrounds advertise that Wifi is available but, more often than not, it is very weak — sometimes only a router in the office. I am sold on a great product!

Art Schmitt - RVThe Wirie

It is in my opinion a very good product, just plug and play and that’s cool. I believe in the KISS way… One happy cruiser. Thanks again for the excellent customer service. That’s nice to see among companies in the marine industry. More should pattern their customer service after you.

S/V My Lady TooThe Wirie

Just a line in praise of The Wirie. Now, we are in Antigua, in 5 Islands Bay, and even though there is nothing to be seen, we have a great connection!

S/V Folk LoricThe Wirie

The Wirie has taken a beating and still keeps ticking. It has been dropped, slammed (against the mast), kicked and it still works when I plug it in.

S/V Little ChristianThe Wirie

We LOVE our Wirie! Thanks again for all your help and also just for being such great people!

S/V Iguana DanceThe Wirie

I am truly amazed! The speed went from old style dial up connection to lightning fast! I’m not kidding! We were waiting for up to a minute for a page to load, then we connected the Wirie and the web pages flash on the screen! Impressive to say the least!! I know I’ve told you before what a great product you provide, but I just wanted to update how good it still works!

S/V Iguana DanceThe Wirie

All fine, Wirie working fine on Mojomo in Gibraltar.

S/V MojomoThe Wirie

We used our Wirie in the Caribbean last winter and were extremely pleased with its performance.

S/V UnknownThe Wirie

Just wanted to join in the chorus singing the praises of your product. It was up and running in no time, and it runs our Windows 7 and XP machines. Yippee! No more hogging the internet! Here in Mexico, it works better than the USB modems (Telcel, Movistar). I LOVE my Wirie!!!

S/V LoreleiThe Wirie

You have an excellent product, well designed and packaged, with great customer service.

S/V UnknownThe Wirie

All is good. Great after-sales service.

S/V DorenavantThe Wirie

Thanks. I am using it now in [the] Jolly Harbour outside anchorage. Picking up a hotspot for free!! Works great!

S/V FarhavenThe Wirie

As we speak I am at anchor outside St. John’s. Superb product. I have a friend who is going to email you about one as I have been talking to him on Skype and he could not believe it.

S/V ChealThe Wirie

I installed the product and it worked on the first try. Another satisfied customer and I will tell all my friends about your wonderful product!

S/V NeshumaThe Wirie

We just want you to know how grateful we are for our Wirie! Today we arrived at a new harbor in the pouring rain and found an internet connection immediately. Other cruisers had to pack up their computers and head to an internet cafe ashore to do the same. Our Wirie has saved us treks to shore from Grenada to the Virgin Islands. Thanks for keeping us dry and connected!

S/V UbuntuThe Wirie

We just wanted to thank you for all your help in setting up the Wirie on our computer over the phone. It works!!!! We got into Bimini late yesterday afternoon and the first thing my husband did after giving thanks we made it past the shoals, coral reefs and other hazards to navigation – all unmarked! – is to hook up the Wirie to see if it worked. TADAH! We’re online.

S/V Fur ElliseThe Wirie

The Wirie has worked faultlessly since day one and without a single crash. It was easy to install on our A-frame with the bracket supplied and since leaving St. Maarten we have received an “on boat” Internet connection in Nevis, The Saintes, Dominica, St. Lucia, and now in Bequia.

S/V Imagine of FalmouthThe Wirie

The Wirie works great in St Barths!
Works in St Kitts! All good.
The Wirie works in St Maarten!
The Wirie works in Colon, Panama!
Works in Panama City too!!!
Works in the Galapagos! – though the buggers have most of it password protected.
Nuka-Hiva (Marquesas) – works

S/V CoolabahThe Wirie

If anybody asks, The Wirie works perfect for us here in Horta in the Azores.

S/V SampoThe Wirie

Just to say thank you Mark for installing the software etc for The Wirie and to let you know that we are now in Virgin Gorda – anchored quite far out in a bay and have managed to get a good internet connection, so really pleased.

S/V Superted VThe Wirie

Your Wirie is working great.

S/V Sweet CarolineThe Wirie

We are very pleased with The Wirie. Our only problem has been when we are using Hot Hot Hot spot and we BOTH want to use the antenna.

Note: With The WirieAP+/pro this is built in.

S/V Imagine of FalmouthThe Wirie

I just wanted to tell you that The Wirie is working while we drive 4.5 kn in the channel to Caen!!!

Note: The “channel” referred to is the English Channel.

S/V SampoThe Wirie

I LOVE my Wirie. It has been great. I have managed to pick up signals everywhere we have been. In St. Lucia at the Pitons I had no problem, in Bequia, I got a signal from onshore, and here (Grenada) I have one also! Just awesome!

S/V Southern ComfortThe Wirie