The WirieEx: $79.00 USD

The WirieEx (Extender) is used to extend the WiFi coverage for The WirieAP+/pro local WiFi network and to connect Ethernet devices to the network. Shipped with mounting hardware and POE adapter with DC electrical pigtail (1A fuse and electrical cable not included).

The WirieEx in action

The Wirie Ex

The WirieEx performs the functions of both a wireless bridge and a WiFi repeater to allow additional coverage areas for The WirieAP+/pro local WiFi network on larger yachts, as well as provide the ability to connect hard-wired Ethernet devices to The WirieAP+/pro local network.

Extended WiFi

Increase the coverage area for your local Wirie WiFi network. Good for larger vessels.

Ethernet Support

Connect Ethernet devices to your local Wirie WiFi network.


1 year warranty. Free firmware updates. Unlimited support.




- The WirieEx will repeat the WiFi signal from The WirieAP+/pro so you can provide additional coverage on larger yachts. On yachts longer then 50', we recommend the use of a Wirie Extender to assure good coverage everywhere below decks.

- Computers and devices used onboard will automatically "roam" between the WiFi networks based on signal strength. As you move around the vessel, the devices will automatically switch to the stronger signal.

- The WirieEx is small (6" x 1.5") so it can be mounted in tight spaces and away from view.

- The WirieEx is powered by a 12-24V power source. A short power pigtail is provided, additional DC cable (not included) is required for installation.

- The WirieEx provides an Ethernet port to connect hard-wired Ethernet devices. If needed, a network switch can be connected to provide multiple Ethernet ports.

- If desired, multiple WirieEx products can be installed and configured for very large vessels.

- There is no software to install. A 100% web-based User Interface gives you access to all functionality of The WirieEx from any WiFi enabled device, including your iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

- The WirieEx can be upgraded over time when new firmware updates become available. These are provided free of charge and are available for download in our support section.

- Requires DC electrical cable, 1A fuse, and optional switch to power on/off.



Physical dimensions6” x 1.5” x 1.5”
Power consumption~3W (250mA@12V)
Voltage supported10-28V DC
Maximum DC cableUnlimited
Shipping size8" x 2" x 2"
Shipping weight1 lbs 0 oz

WiFi Adapter

StandardsIEEE 80211b/g/n
Connection typeWireless/Ethernet
Data rateUp to 150Mbps
SecurityWEP 64/128, WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, WPA2-PSK, AES, TKIP
Frequency range2412-2462 (NA)
Channels1-11 (NA)
Adapter transmit power400mW (26 dBm)
Antenna5dBi rubber
Operating systemsAny (Windows, Apple, Linux, Android, iOS)
ComplianceFCC Part 15.247, IC RS210, RoHS
Operating temperature-30C to +75C

The Wirie Ex
Support for b/g/n WiFi
The Wirie Ex Status Page

The WirieEx administration pages.

I LOVE my Wirie. It has been great. I have managed to pick up signals everywhere we have been. In St. Lucia at the Pitons I had no problem, in Bequia, I got a signal from onshore, and here (Grenada) I have one also! Just awesome!
S/V Southern ComfortThe Wirie
Just wanted to let you know we are in the Bahamas and the WirieAP is working GREAT!!! Thank you so much for all of your help and support! You’ve been awesome. Truth is, our WiFi connection has never been better and I would recommend the WirieAP to anyone.
S/V Gypsy WindThe WirieAP
I installed my Wirie [AP+] and love it.   I’m writing on it now [and] leaving Texas next month to start cruising.  I’ve gone here at my local marina from not able to reach the wireless, to locked on and quick emails.  (from seeing one wifi [network] to seeing 24 [networks]).  Thanks again for your product.
SV ProdigalThe WirieAP+
I recently inherited The Wiriepro (which was incredibly simple to set up, thank you!)
S/V GadaboutThe Wiriepro
Wow, a product that does exactly what it says it can do. We got our [Wirie] AP+ installed last Friday. We no longer have difficulty keeping our connection up at the marina.
S/V DelightThe WirieAP+

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