The Wiriepro (WiFi and 2G/3G/4G): $699.00 USD

The Wiriepro, including 25' power cable, 8dBi WiFi antenna, 2dBi xG antenna, built-in access point, and SS mounting hardware (2A fuse/circuit breaker required, not included).

Please choose your color, optional LTE support, and optional GPS support before adding to your cart.

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The Wiriepro in action

The Wirie pro

The Wiriepro combines the best long range WiFi adapter on the market with a commercial grade 2G/3G/4G/LTE router that supports all worldwide data bands (LTE support only in the Americas/Europe). This provides the ultimate flexibility to get on the internet: you can choose between a WiFi connection or a 2G/3G/4G/LTE data connection based on what's available at your location.

Long Range WiFi

Connect to remote WiFi networks from long distances.

Long Range 2G/3G/4G/LTE

Connect to xG data networks with stability, reliability, and top performance.

Optional GPS Support

Add GPS support for automatic vessel tracking.

Increased Signal

With The Wiriepro your signals to remote networks will dramatically increase.

Worldwide Support

Connect to WiFi and xG networks (GSM) anywhere in the world.

Increased Speeds

With a better, more stable connection, you will get faster speeds.




- The Wiriepro is able to connect to WiFi networks from miles away.

- The Wiriepro is able to connect to all worldwide 2G/3G/4G GSM based networks. Simply insert a local SIM card with a data plan, and connect to the internet at up to 21Mbps (HSPA+).

- Easily switch between WiFi and 2G/3G/4G internet connections and see status information from all connected networks on one screen.

- No coax cable, no Ethernet cable, no USB cable, no software! Just a single power cable (included) is all you need.

- Provides a local wireless network (secured) that can be used to connect all your onboard WiFi devices and share information among them.

- Can be used with new multifunction displays that support WiFi, transmit NMEA data to any WiFi enabled device, share music/video libraries, etc. (Internet connection not required.)

- Completely waterproof enclosure and antennas allow for permanent installation outside.

- The Wiriepro draws on average only 750mA at 12V. Easily leave it on to allow devices share information over your local network.

- 25’ (7.5 meters) of marine DC electrical cable is included for flexible mounting options. The cable can be extended as necessary with standard DC electrical cable. A 2 amp fuse/breaker is required for installation (not included).

- A 100% web-based user interface gives you access to all functionality of The Wiriepro from any WiFi enabled device, including your iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

- A mobile user interface allows streamlined scanning and connecting to remote WiFi networks from your smartphone. You can also easily switch between xG and WiFi in the mobile interface.

- The Wiriepro can be upgraded over time when new firmware updates become available. These are provided free of charge and can be downloaded in our support section.

- All mounting hardware is made of stainless steel and aluminum (included) to provide a long, rust-free life, which is especially important in the marine environment.

- Pole mount bracket allows for mounting on 1" to 2" tubing. (More details...)

- The local WiFi antenna can easily be located remotely to improve coverage in desired areas. A standard RP-SMA Male to Female cable can be used.

Remote xG

- Unlocked penta-band xG adapter to allow connections to any GSM based network worldwide. SIM card with active data plan required.

- Supports HSPA+ technology, which is marketed by some providers as 3G and some providers as 4G. This technology supports speeds up to 21Mbps, worldwide.

- With optional LTE support, The Wiriepro provides DC-HSPA+ speeds of up to 42Mbps (worldwide) and LTE speeds of up to 100Mbps (Americas and Europe).

- The Wiriepro also supports 2G networks, which are still used frequently in less populated areas of the world. The speeds are slower, but they still allow email and basic web access.

- Powerful 2G/3G/4G/LTE radio. Transmits at up to 33dBm, not including the gain from the external antenna.

- All antennas are mounted outside with minimal coax cable to avoid signal loss and provide the best connections. Most competitors rely on long coax cables to connect an indoor router to outdoor antennas, which leads to significant signal loss, or they simply don't provide external antennas.

- Marine grade externally mounted wide-band 2dBi antenna is provided for stable 2G/3G/4G/LTE internet connections.

- Optional marine grade wide-band 6dBi antenna can be purchased for longer range and more stable 2G/3G/4G/LTE internet connections when further away from cell service. (More details...)

- Using an externally mounted high-gain wide-band antenna, The Wiriepro can connect at faster speeds and further distances than standard 2G/3G/4G/LTE equipment located inside you boat or RV.

- Configure all 2G/3G/4G/LTE internet settings, such as APN and SIM PIN from The Wiriepro user interface.

- The Wiriepro has an easy-to-use web-based interface that displays current network information and also allows access to the long range WiFi system.

- The Wiriepro supports sending and receiving SMS messages to allow prepaid data plan refills and to check available plan balances. This is dependent on the carrier supporting SMS for data plan information.

- The Wiriepro provides usage insight with graphs displaying hourly, daily, and monthly usage totals to allow easier management of xG data plans.

- Please see our FAQ to learn more about 2G/3G/4G/LTE data connections.

Remote WiFi

- The Wiriepro utilizes the best long range WiFi adapter on the market: the Bullet M2HP Titanium. The average laptop internal WiFi card transmits at only 50mW, while The Wiriepro transmits at up to 630mW.

- The Wiriepro will provide longer range, faster, and more reliable internet connections than computers and tablets/smartphones.

- The Wiriepro has a combined output power (EIRP) of 4W, the maximum legal limit in the United States and Canada.

- The Wiriepro can be configured for every country to assure all transmission laws are enforced while travelling. The output power can also be manually configured.

- The Wiriepro WiFi adapter is compatible with all 802.11 b/g/n networks. It supports speeds up to 150Mbps.

- The Wiriepro works with all current security protocols (Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2, AES, TKIP).

- A marine grade, 8dBi antenna is attached to The Wiriepro with no coax cable. (Coax cable causes signal loss, and in turn, poorer performance.)

- The Wiriepro utilizes a marine grade 8dBi omnidirectional antenna in order to provide the longest range possible for the marine environment while maintaining stable connections as the boat swings or rolls.

- The Wiriepro has an easy-to-use web-based interface that displays current network information including historical graphs of connection speed and signal.

- The Wiriepro will store passwords for frequently used WiFi networks.

- A single click in the administration pages brings up the list of available networks in range of The Wiriepro.

Local WiFi

- Includes a local access point to allow multiple computers/devices to get online at the same time, and also allows all your WiFi devices to be networked so they can easily share information.

- The Wiriepro creates a local access point to share the internet connection with up to 400mW of power (adjustable). This will easily provide coverage for your boat or RV, and you can even share with your neighbors if you like!

- The Wiriepro provides a secure (WPA2) 802.11b/g/n local, on-board network. Speeds up to 150Mbps and 200 users/devices.

- Built-in configurable firewall keeps your network safe from the internet.

- The Wiriepro is compatible with any WiFi enabled device (computers, iPhones/iPads, Android devices, Smart TVs, etc). A web browser is required to administer The Wiriepro.

- Internet Optimization feature blocks unwanted software updates and limits internet access to help reduce bandwidth usage when using xG or remote WiFi networks.

- On larger vessels (> 50'), The Wiriepro local WiFi network can be extended using The WirieEx. The WirieEx will provide larger WiFi coverage areas below decks as well as provide the ability to hard-wire Ethernet devices to The Wiriepro WiFi network.

Guest WiFi

- Create an optional secured Guest WiFi network isolated from the standard Local WiFi network.

- The Guest WiFi network has its own configurable name and password, independent from the standard Local WiFi network.

- Configure which internet source (xG or Remote WiFi) guest users are allowed to utilize.

- Create your own website/portal on The Wiriepro. You have full control of the website/portal content. For more information, please see The Wiriepro User Manual.

- The website/portal could be used for advertising your charter business, providing information to your guests, promoting your company, a mini blog, or anything you might like to share with those nearby, regardless of internet availability.


- Integration with SpotWalla online tracking service allows automated vessel tracking and sharing of track history.

- Allows any device on the local WiFi network to access GPS data. Use as a backup GPS or to support non-GPS enabled devices (such as the WiFi only iPad). Supports both GPSD and TCP/IP protocols.

- The SpotWalla tracking service is free.  There are no ongoing fees to utilize automated tracking with The Wiriepro.



Physical dimensions33.75” x 6.06” x 3.12”
Power consumption~9W (750mA@12V)
Voltage supported10-28V DC
Maximum DC cableUnlimited
Shipping size34" x 6" x 4"
Shipping weight5 lbs 8 oz

Remote WiFi Adapter

StandardsIEEE 80211b/g/n
Connection typeEthernet
Data rateUp to 150Mbps
SecurityWEP 64/128, WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, WPA2-PSK, AES, TKIP
Frequency range2412-2462 (NA), 2412-2472 (EU), 2412-2484 (Japan)
Channels1-11 (NA), 1-13 (EU), 1-14 (Japan)
Adapter transmit power630mW (28dBm)
Receive sensitivity (b/g)<24Mbps: -83dBm, 54Mpbs: -75dBm
Receive sensitivity (n)MCS0: -96dBm, MCS3: -90dBm, MCS7: -74dBm
Antenna8dBi marine grade omnidirectional (collinear dipoles)
EIRP (total output)4 Watts (legal limit)
Operating systemsAny (Windows, Apple, Linux, Android, iOS)
ComplianceFCC Part 15.247, IC RS210, RoHS
Operating temperature-40C to +80C

Remote xG Adapter

LTE (optional)B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B13/B17/B20
HSPA+/UMTS (3/4G)850 (B5), 900 (B8), AWS (B4), 1900(B2), 2100 (B1)
GSM/GPRS/EDGE (2G)850, 900, 1800, 1900
Max LTE data rate100 Mbps
Max 3/4G data rate21 Mbps (HSPA+) 43Mbps (DC-HSPA+ with LTE option)
Max 2G data rate296 Kbps
Carriers supported (LTE)Americas/Europe
Carriers supported (3G/4G)Worldwide GSM based carriers
SIM card sizeStandard
SIM card accessOpen waterproof enclosure
GPSGPS with GPSD and TCP/IP support
Antennas7dBi omni penta band and 2dBi omni penta band
Output powerLTE/WCDMA/HSPA 24dBm, GPRS 33dBm, EDGE 27dBm
Operating systemsAny (Windows, Apple, Linux, Android, iOS)
ComplianceFCC Part 15.247, IC RS210, RoHS
Operating temperature-30C to +75C

Local WiFi Adapter

StandardsIEEE 80211b/g/n
Connection typeWireless/Ethernet
Data rateUp to 150Mbps
SecurityWEP 64/128, WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, WPA2-PSK, AES, TKIP
Frequency range2412-2462 (NA)
Channels1-11 (NA)
Adapter transmit power400mW (26 dBm)
Antenna5dBi rubber
Operating systemsAny (Windows, Apple, Linux, Android, iOS)
ComplianceFCC Part 15.247, IC RS210, RoHS
Operating temperature-30C to +75C

Cruising World Magazine

The Wirie pro performed beautifully and the firmware interface is outstanding.

3G 4G LTE WiFi Logo
Support for b/g/n WiFi
The Wirie pro Status Page

The Wiriepro administration pages.

The Wirie pro comparison chart

Chart comparing The Wiriepro to our competitors.

We are in the Bahamas where I have bought a SIM card and I appreciate how it’s easy to switch from Wifi to 3G. Your system is very good.
S/V UnityThe Wiriepro
Wanted to pass on some feed back. We have used the device now for a couple of months. We had a few issues but your customer service helped to solve those pretty quickly. We are experiencing 15 to 20 miles of service in the Bahamas. Thanks for the support in the issues we had. Very satisfied.
SV On the BrinkThe Wiriepro
The Wirie works great. Really appreciate your help and excellent response time!
S/V Virgina DareThe Wiriepro
I did a vast amount of research on what to get to run my business on the road and your product was by far and away the best thing out there. And the fact that it works exactly as hoped and advertised is outstanding! I’ll be ordering a Wirie for my boat too within the next year.Thank you again for your wonderful service and a truly great product. I have used it every day for the last 3 months as I traveled back and forth across the US. So easy to use and works flawlessly.
Karen (RV)The Wiriepro
We are already enjoying this access! The Wirie [pro] is a superior invention.By the way, I was so upset with my XXXXXX WiFi that I threw it in a dumpster. Why? It did not work well and their tech support was nonexistent (at least for me).  You, on the other hand, got right back to me. You did not abandon me even though I was a bit obtuse about the new technology.  Thank you.
S/V PyxisThe Wiriepro
  • Without optional LTE support, The Wiriepro supports speeds up to 21Mbps using HSPA+.  HSPA+ networks are supported worldwide.
  • With optional LTE support, The Wiriepro supports speeds up to 100Mbps.  LTE support is limited to the Americas and Europe (if LTE is unavailable, The Wiriepro will automatically fall back to 2G/3G/4G, which is supported worldwide).  Please confirm your cell provider's LTE band/frequency.  The Wiriepro LTE supports bands B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B13/B17/B20.
  • The Wiriepro works with GSM based cell companies only (requires a SIM card). GSM carriers in the United States include AT&T and T-Mobile (full list). The Wiriepro is not compatible with Verizon, Sprint, or other CDMA based carriers. Most carriers throughout the world are GSM based and will work with The Wiriepro.
  • If you currently own The WirieAP+, you can upgrade to The Wiriepro using our upgrade kit.


6dBi 2G/3G/4G/LTE Antenna Upgrade

$99.00 USD

For longer range and more stable xG connections, you can upgrade The Wiriepro with a 6dBi antenna. Comes with antenna, pole mounting hardware (identical to The Wiriepro), and a 4' (1.25m) cable. The antenna must be mounted within 3' (1m) of The Wiriepro. This antenna supports all worldwide cell frequencies, 698-960/1710-2700Mhz.

Physical dimensions: 9.5" x 2.75"

More details...

The WirieEx: The Wirie Extender

$79.00 USD

The WirieEx performs the functions of both a wireless bridge and a WiFi repeater to allow additional coverage areas for The Wiriepro local WiFi network on larger yachts, as well as provide the ability to connect hard-wired Ethernet devices to The Wiriepro local WiFi network.

Shipped with mounting hardware and POE adapter with DC electrical pigtail (1A fuse and electrical cable not included).

More details...

GPS Upgrade

$29.00 USD

Allows you to add GPS support and automated vessel tracking to your Wiriepro. Comes with internally mounted antenna, installation instructions, and GPS license key.

More details...

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